How do I use Outlook to access my AOL email account?

Amongst many email clients available for various operating systems and offered by different companies, AOL mail is one that’s employed by many. But an AOL mail login account storing a lot of important emails and other items is extremely common. This makes email management a touch tricky. So, what would you do in such situations?

Using email clients like Outlook for mailing and maintaining other work stuff, usually helps AOL users tons during this regard. Outlook 2016 and Outlook — Office 365 are very versatile, and you’ll use your AOL mail account in Outlook 2016 without installing any plugin or other software.

AOL mail login

The process of doing so includes fixing of IMAP account in Outlook 2016. And during this article, we’ll jaunt you through the tactic with which you’ll find out your AOL account in Outlook 2016 and use multiple emails concurrently.

Steps to line Up and Access Your AOL Email Account in Outlook 2016

Before starting, owning an AOL mail login account & installing Outlook 2016 on your computer are necessary. then you’ll proceed to:

  • Enable Allow apps that use a less secure check-in option in AOL Mail.
  • Add AOL Mail account in Outlook 2016 PC client

Enable Allow Apps that Use Less Secure check-in Option in AOL Security

Open AOL Mail website and check-in.

  1. Move on to your AOL profile section and click on Options.
  2. Select Account Info.
  3. A new tab would open comprising your account info, security options, activities tracking, and preferences. Here, click on Account Security.
  4. Once the page is loaded, click on Allow apps that use the less secure check-in option, as shown below.
  5. Before you’ll proceed straight to show the safety option ON, you’ll need to sign-in again. during this step, enter your AOL username and click on Next.
  6. Type in your password and click on check-in.
  7. Now, turn the safety option ON.

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